Winter Skincare Tips

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Winter Skincare Tips

Posted on Dec 09, 2023
Winter Skincare Tips
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Winter is upon us in all its glory, and with it, a whole lot of skincare issues too. Oily skin gets dry, and dry skin gets rough. These various seasonal characteristics eliminate moisture from your skin, which can cause dryness, redness, flakiness, itchiness, cracking, peeling, and bleeding to the face, hands, feet, legs, and other areas that are exposed.

But it just takes some simple changes in your everyday routine to ensure that you are all set to glow through this whole winter season.

Following skin tips for the face and other body parts can help you during the winter.


1: Shorten the shower time

Those long, hot-water bathing sessions could be tempting during the winter. However, you must remember that the key to keeping your skin healthy is to love it, not pamper it. Taking a boiling water bath for a long time can dehydrate you and remove the necessary oils from your body. One of the signs of going overboard with bathing is irritation, redness, and itching in the skin after the shower session is over. So keep them short and use warm water instead.


2: Wear the right winter clothing

Cover your body with gloves and scarves to protect your hands and neck during the winter. Besides, avoid letting winter clothing come directly into contact with your skin, as that could prove uncomfortable. Instead, use clothes with natural and breathable base layers. It can help avoid skin irritation during the winter.


3: Support Your Scalp

While dandruff may be a sign of a fungal infection, it is more often dry as a result of a lack of blood flow to the scalp. Spending a few extra minutes every evening massaging your scalp with oil brings blood flow and supports healthy hair! Try an herbal oil like Healthy Hair Oil, Brahmi Oil, or Bhringaraj Oil.


4: Do not exfoliate your skin a Lot

Exfoliating the skin helps get rid of dead cells. You have to be careful during the winter because your skin barrier is already compromised due to the dry and cold weather. Also, you should exfoliate, depending on your skin type. If you have very dry skin, exfoliate your skin lightly. If you have a combination and oily skin, once a week is fine.


5: Eat well and mindfully

During the winter, try eating foods packed with nutrients like vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fatty acids. Ensure you include more fruits and vegetables, as these will help you not only achieve good skin but also feel healthy and energetic overall. Avoid eating excessive sugar, processed, fried, spicy, and junk foods.


6: Hydrate from the inside

Since about 60 percent of your body is made of water, it plays a major role in your body's functions, including transporting nutrients to your cells and whisking away toxins. It also keeps skin cells plump, which is important to prevent dry and dehydrated skin. Include fruits and vegetables high in water content, such as watermelon, musk melon, cantaloupe, spinach (also Vitamin A), lettuce, celery, etc.


7: Stay Active

Many people feel lethargic during the winter. It is very challenging to stick to your exercise plans these days, but there are many other ways to stay active and warm. An exercise routine during the winter is very important. It helps you stay warm, boosts the immune system, boosts blood circulation, and keeps your pulse rate up and your glow intact. And it helps fight seasonal flu's and colds. Also, it is well known that after exercise, the brain releases the “feel-good” chemicals serotonin and dopamine, which can help to reduce anxiety while boosting well-being.


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