Pushyanug Churna- Ayurvedic medicine for leucorrhoea & female disease

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Pushyanug Churna- Ayurvedic Medicine For Leucorrhoea & Female Disease

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Herbs used to manufacture this product

25 Ayurvedic Herbs


It is mainly known for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It is useful in the treatment of bladder-related diseases, and menstrual problems like heavy bleeding, unbearable pain, and piles.


4 to 5 days of periods are very difficult for women. Some women have heavy bleeding, in which case amrabija powder can help. Apart from this, unbearable menstrual pain can also be relieved.


Silbheda or Silphada is very useful for female diseases such as leucorrhea, heavy bleeding and unbearable pain during the menstrual period.


It is rich in Vitamin C, minerals, Iron, Fiber Antioxidants, etc. It balances the estrogen hormone and provides relief from irregular periods, itching, bloating, and period pain.


It has phenolic compounds, antimicrobial, astringent, diuretic, and antioxidant properties. The anti-microbial effect present in semen inhibits the growth of Candida albicans fungus and provides relief from leucorrhoea. It also helps in purifying the blood, menstrual problems, and urinary diseases.


Manjistha is rich in hepatoprotective, antifungal, immunomodulatory, hypotensive, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antioxidant properties that make it useful in treating infections such as candidiasis (Yeast infection). It reduces symptoms of uric acid, maintains hormonal balance, and helps in getting rid of PCOD. It also reduces bloating and periods of pain.

Padma Kesar

It is very beneficial in the problem of vaginal odor. Applying it or consuming it is beneficial in the problem of bad smells and looseness of the vagina.


Rich in antioxidants, it cures menstrual disorders. It provides relief from irregular periods and pain during menstruation. It removes inflammation and helps in eradicating infertility and ovulation.


Musta has many properties like emmenagogue, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory which is also effective in heavy bleeding, pain, swelling during menstruation, and other vaginal diseases.


Lodhra normalizes FSH and LH. It manages the menstrual cycle and stimulates ovulation. It balances estrogen and progesterone in women and prevents menstrual irregularities. The anti-androgenic property of Lodhra also provides relief from PCOS.


Gairika is a silicate of alumina and an oxide of iron. Garica is beneficial in bleeding disorders and provides relief from blood leucorrhoea and white discharge (leucorrhoea) also.

Rakt Chandna

Rakt Chandana is a very useful medicine for female's health. It contains many phytochemicals such as polyphenolic compounds, glycosides, flavonoids, tannins, and phenolic acids. It is very effective in skin infection, yeast infection, menstrual irregularities, vaginal swelling, itching, and pain.

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No artificial colour
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Researched and Crafted by Doctors
Safe for any age
  1. यह चूर्ण महिला रोग का श्रेष्ठ आयुर्वेदिक समाधान है।
  2. सभी प्रकार के प्रदर से राहत दिलाने में सहायक है।
  3. रक्तचंदन और मुस्ता दुर्गंध, खुजली आदि योनि रोगो से राहत पाने में मददगार होता है।
  4. मंजिष्ठा चूर्ण यीस्ट इसंफेक्शन से राहत दिलाने में लाभकारी है।
  5. नागकेसर और अम्बष्टकी गोनोरिया और पेल्विक दर्द की समस्या से राहत दिलाता है।
  6. सिलभेदा योनि का सूखापन, सूजन और जलन कम करने में मदद करता है। 
  7. पाठा मासिक धर्म में अधिक रक्तस्राव की समस्या को हल करने में मदद करता है।
  8. मोचरस रक्तातिसार (पेशाब में खून आने की समस्या) में लाभकारी होता है।

Pushyanug Churna is beneficial in many gynecological diseases like leucorrhoea, vaginal disease, hematuria, and amenorrhea. Pushyanuga Churna is a pure Ayurvedic herbal churna made from high-quality herbs. Pushyanuga Churna is prepared with more than 25 well-known and highly effective herbs like Patha, Amrabija, Silphada (Silbheda), Rasanjana, Ambasthaki, Semal, Manjishtha, Padma Kesara, Nagkesara, Ativisa, Musta, Lodhra, Gairika, Mardvika, and Rakt Chandana are included in this divine female disease reliever churna. These herbs balance the female hormonal system. Taking 3 to 6 grams of Pushyanuga Churna with honey provides relief from all female diseases like vaginal disease, leucorrhoea, etc. Each herb present in Pushyanuga Churna contributes to getting rid of female diseases. Its use provides relief from inside vaginal itching, burning, swelling, and foul odor, pelvic pain, gonorrhea, yeast infection (due to overgrowth of candida fungus), and white discharge.

पुष्यानुग चूर्ण प्रदर रोग, योनि रोग, रक्तातिसार (पेशाब में खून आने की समस्या) और रजो दोष जैसी कई स्त्री रोग में लाभकारी है। पुष्यानुग चूर्ण उच्च गुणवत्ता वाली जड़ीबूटियों से बना एक शुद्ध आयुर्वेदिक औषधिय चूर्ण है। इस दिव्य स्त्री रोग-व्याध हारक चूर्ण में पाठा, आम्रबीज, सिलफड़ (सिलभेदा), रसांजन, अंबास्थाकी, सेमल, मंजिष्ठा, पद्म केसर, नागकेसर, अतिविसा, मुस्ता, लोध्र, गैरिका, मर्द्विका और लाल चन्दन जैसी 25 से अधिक बेहद असरदार और प्रसिद्ध जड़ीबूटियां समाहित है। ये जड़ीबूटियां महिला हार्मोनल सिस्टम को संतुलित करती है। 3 से 6 ग्राम पुष्यानुग चूर्ण को शहद से साथ सेवन करने से योनिरोग, प्रदर रोग इत्यादि सभी महिला रोग से राहत मिलती है। पुष्यानुग चूर्ण में मौजूद प्रत्येक जड़ीबूटी महिला रोग से छुटकारा दिलाने में अपना योगदान देती है। इसके सेवन से योनि के आंतरिक हिस्से की खुजली, जलन, सूजन, दुर्गन्ध, पैल्विक दर्द, गोनोरिया, यीस्ट इसंफेक्शन (जो कैंडिडा फंगस के बढ़ने से होता है) और सफ़ेद पानी स्रावित होते रहने की समस्या से राहत मिलती है।

  • Take 3-6 of Pushyanug Churna twice a day with honey.
  • As we all know that ayurveda is known for its slow but best results that's why you need to take it for at least 3 months as a course for better results.
  • If after some time you feel improvement in your problem then you can take it once a day.
  • Those females who are suffering from leucorrhoea or other diseases.
  • It is the best ayurvedic medicine for venereal disease and amenorrhea.
  • Those females who want to avoid menstrual pain and heavy bleeding.
  • Especially those who are suffering from hematuria (Discharging blood in urine)


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Ishika Mangal

product acha he par test ajib he thoda


Archana Khatri

so helpfull thank you 👍💖


Nitu Bhgat

mera white discharge ka bohot issue tha phir mene kahi davai try kiya par koi solution nahi mila phir e din mene is churan ke bare me pada or ise order kiya me is haroj honey ke sath leti hu or abhi khafi sudhar aya he or itching bi kam hogaya he  


Ranjan Bhatt

It realy help me through swelling and foul odor vagina

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